Welcome to Kate Grady Stained Glass

Kate Grady has been working with stained glass for over 25 years — from repairing giant cathedral windows to designing and creating unique Manhattan entrances to producing leaded glass cabinet panels. She has worked at prominent studios in Manhattan and Philadelphia and continues to study technique with masters in the field.

While stained glass is a daylight art, it is often at dusk when the windows are most compelling. The colored glass seems to rap the last lingering light of day, the glow fading in and out like smoldering embers. As darkness falls the windows release the light to the night and their images disappear from view, but not from the senses.

It is the artist’s belief that stained glass artisans are in sync with nature, capturing the sun to illuminate their art and create a continuum of moods, depending on the time of day, the season and the weather.

At Kate Grady Stained Glass, original custom commissioned pieces are crafted and treasured works of art. Kate is known for paying intricate attention to detail, harnessing not only the personality of the client or subject, but crafting pieces so that the sunlight captures them in the most compelling way.

Call Kate at 646-785-9131 to discuss how a stained, painted, or beveled glass can bring privacy, color, light and captivating aesthetic to your home or business.